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Yao Ming Foundation and iTalkBB Set Up Free Hotline to Directly Reach Qinghai Earthquake Area


A rapid series of strong earthquakes hit a mountainous and impoverished are of China's Qinghai province, killing 589 peope and injuring over ten thousand. The Yao Ming Foundation and iTalkBB quickly responded to this disaster by providing a FREE hotline for the overseas Chinese community to contact their friends and relatives in Qinghai.


"I just wish (they will) get good (treatment) over there," Yao said in a Houston Chronicle interview.. "I believe there are a lot of injuries. I hear there is a rescue team already there. I pray for them, and all the people there and all of their families."


"It’s very important if you have people from there who are visiting somewhere else, maybe in the United States, I understand that they would like to contact their family," Yao said. "I would like to help.


For more information call iTalk BB at 877-482-5522 or login to


US Hotline number: 718-766.9636

Canda Hoteline number: 647.728.7683

Australia Hoteline number:280.698.677


UPDATE: During the first 15 days of this program, more than 800,000 minutes were used to call family in Qinghai.

Yao Ming Foundation Gala Presented by iTalkBB in Houston in March


YMF collaborated with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) for the inaugural Yao Ming Foundation Gala Presented by iTalk Global Communications, Inc. on March 28, 2010. Photos will be posted soon.



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The Yao Ming Foundation Helps to Rebuild Four Playgrounds in Houston

November 16, 2009


The Yao Ming Foundation announced a grant of $100,000 to the Collaborative for Children, a Houston based nonprofit group that works to improve education for children. The grant will help rebuild four playgrounds that were destroyed during Hurricake Ike: Children at Walker's Day Care Center, Chinese Community Center, Sharp Early Childhood Development Center, and Sunnyside Head Start Center.

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First Primary School in Sichuan Funded by The Yao Ming Foundation Opens


September 4, 2009


The first primary school funded by The Yao Ming Foundation was officially opened during a ceremony on September 4th in Guangyuan of Sichuan. The Xue Yan Yao Foundation Hope Primary Schools is named to commemorate the young teacher, Yang Xueyan, who sacrificed herself to save her students during May 12 earthquake in 2008.






The Yao Ming Foundation


Journey to Sichuan Province



Yao Ming


“It is very hard for me to put into words how difficult it is to see this kind of destruction. My thoughts and actions are now focused on helping to rebuild the schools that were destroyed in this tragedy and to rebuild them in the proper way. I am deeply appreciative that you have decided to join me in this effort. Hopefully you and I can also encourage others around the world to do as we are doing, to make life better for those who need our help.”







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Marc Pollick, President of The Giving Back Fund, congratulates Jack Zhao, CEO of iTalk, on receiving the Outstanding Corporate Partners Award at The Yao Ming Foundation Gala in Houston



To improve the lives of children in the US and China with an emphasis on providing educational opportunities.





Yao Ming has a long personal history of working to help a variety of charitable causes:


  • The Yao Ming Foundation's grant to the Collaborative for Children has helped the organization be selected as one of the Mayor's 2010 Proud Partner Award Winners.
  • Yao Ming joined the United Nation's campaign to address discrimination among Chinese people toward those infected with HIV. Click here to see Yao Ming's video about AIDS.
  • Yao Ming is the UN Environment Programme's first-ever Environmental Champion. 
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  • Yao Ming pledged to give up eating shark's fin soup, a Chinese delicacy, in association with a WildAid campaign to promote wildlife protection.
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  • Yao Ming served as a Global Goodwill Ambassador to the Shangai Special Olympics in 2007.
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Cyndi Lee and her 9-year-old daughter won iTalkBB's sweepstakes to attend The Yao Ming Foundation gala in Houston on March 28, 2010




Hometown Spotlight: Bobby Jackson

Julie Brothers and Charlie Wan, Directors


Click on the photo to watch The Yao Ming Foundation’s Public Service Announcement.